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AsyncTask+AudioRecord+AndroidPlot Real Time


In this post, I show you how to plot a graph in real time while acquiring raw data using AudioRecord. Iwould like to highlight the section where the async task is, since it is the most important part. I will also add the button for starting the async task and the variables that are related with it.

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Using asyncTask and Android Plot for a Real Time Graph


To begin with, in the last post we talked a little bit about the asynctask. The main purpose of that for us, was to help us to understand how does it work and use it for a real time plotting. We had a great result doing that with the help of some code on the web and some of our ideas. Below, you can see the XML of the main activity. Seguir leyendo “Using asyncTask and Android Plot for a Real Time Graph”

Using threads in Android

threads in adnroid.png
In this post I show the code for using a thread and an asynctask in Android. 
It will help you to further understand how helpful these features are.

First of all, I set up the code with 6 nested child views with a progressBar, buttons and textViews.

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